Free Adventure SVG Files

Adventure SVG – an exciting event, an unexpected event or event in life, a chain of unintentional events and unforeseen events; an unexpected event, a wonderful accomplishment, an exciting adventure, an interesting test, exciting coup or a love affair.

Adventures SVG can be bold deeds, exciting travels, unexpected events, the main achievements of life. Heroes of adventure books – always brave, strong, indefatigable, striving to discover new things, change life; fascinated by their example; they want to imitate, search and find.

History of the Adventure SVG

The concept of “adventure SVG ” is undoubtedly of literary (romantic) origin. From the second third of the XII century in France, the romantic action is denoted by the special word aventure. Initially, as it appears from the stories on the ancient subjects, it seems to have been used simply in the sense of “blow of fate”, so sometimes (for example, in “Tristan” by Berulus) it, as if by method, means “unhappy destiny”. In the case of Crétienne de Troyes and other novelists of his generation, this word has acquired a special meaning; they began to denote a test that takes its place among other tests (there is no separate “adventure”) and allows the “hero” to move towards a state of exemplary perfection, which in itself allows you to restore the disturbed social order. Apparently, this word also receives etymological motivation: from the future time of the verb “to happen”.

Using Adventure SVG

Adventure SVG – used in many contexts and situations. For example, it is a key component of stories, legends and fairy tales, dramas and plays; it is used in stories and storyboards for books, films, music and computer games. Adventure is also used in education, sports, tourism and other forms of entertainment. Examples of such adventure genres:

  • Adventure film is a film genre.
  • Adventure game – computer game genre.
  • Adventure novel – a genre of fiction.
  • Adventure tourism offers tourists the opportunity to have fun, exciting travel.

Classification of Adventure SVG and the extensive use of the term

Four different styles of human adventure:

Adventures of the body. Up to death as the final point of such. Militants, travels, sports competitions in agility, strength,…

adventures are emotional. Personal experiences, empathy, collective emotions. Melodrama, drama, thrillers. Circus art, humor, satire. Part of religious activity.

Adventures of the mind. Search, analysis and synthesis of information. Disclosure of secrets and organization of crimes. Detective, scientific analysis. Training, research activities.

Adventures of spirit. Religious, philosophical activity. Providence, predictions. Secrets of rebirths, incarnations, questions of being. Shamanism. Spiritual practices.

Adventure film

Adventure film genre is designed solely to entertain the public. As a rule, these are films with an unassuming plot, where they fight good and evil. The action unfolds rapidly and consists mainly of spectacular chases, rescues and fights. Here may be present and humor, and love affairs, but they play a secondary role. All that is required of the viewer is to lean back on the chair and have fun. 

In all other genres, the dynamics of action is not so important. In the adventure ribbons it solves all the Serials and exciting adventures. 

The beginning of the popularity of adventure film series such as “Dangerous Adventures of Pauline” (1914) with Pearl White in the lead role. Each week, the screens came out another series, where all kinds of villains built new intrigues to the brave heroines. Similar stories appeared in many other series, as well as in class “B” paintings in the era of sound films. 

In the 1920s, the genre of adventure film became much more complex thanks to performers such as Douglas Fairbanks. This athletic, charming and witty actor perfectly matched the image of a reckless adventurer. Fairbanks quickly became one of the most popular Hollywood actors of the time. He transferred his relaxed style to many of his favorite screen characters, including Robin Hood, D’Artagnan, a Baghdad thief and a black pirate.