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Cricut Scoring Wheel vs Scoring Stylus

Crafts greatly enhance the imagination, creativity, and talent of any person. That is why making crafts today is simple, and that any time is perfect to start a new project to distract yourself or work on it.

Have you ever had trouble making folds or shapes in some paper? If your answer was yes, here are the following Cricut Machines accessories: The scoring Stylus and the Scoring Wheel. If you did not know anything about this company, we recommend staying to know much more about its operation, see its results, and know which one is convenient for you to acquire.

What is the function of the Scoring Stylus and Scoring Wheel?

Before talking about the difference between these tools, we must know what they are used for and where they can be installed.

The Scoring Stylus and Scoring Wheel are add-ons installed on Cricut Machines and they allow us to make folds in any material that these machines can process. Due to their ease of use, they are excellent accessories for doing any project with many folds like letters, gift boxes, cards, or much more complicated projects.

However, be careful with the type of Cricut Machine you are using, because the Scoring Stylus is compatible with any machine of this brand. Still, the Scoring Wheel is only compatible with the Cricut Maker.

Scoring Stylus and Scoring Wheel Features

We already know that these accessories are designed to make folds to any design you want to work on, but these are very different.

Let’s start with the Scoring Stylus. This accessory looks like a white pencil with a pink top and a metal tip. On the other hand, the Scoring Wheel is a small accessory of metallic color; on the top, it has a gear to rotate and has a tip that looks like a Blade. However, the Scoring Wheel blade has two versions:

  • #1 tip: it has a single roller, has the number 01 engraved on this tip, and is perfect for light materials such as cardboard and paper.
  • #2 tip: it has a double roller, has the number 02 engraved on this tip, and is ideal for folding in much thicker materials such as cardboard or cardboard.


One cool feature is that the Scoring Stylus is compatible with the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore, but the Scoring Wheel is only compatible with the Cricut Maker. In the Cricut Maker case, this machine has a tool holder with two clamps, with the clamp on the left being special for the Scoring Stylus and the clamp on the right for the Scoring Wheel.

You may be wondering why the Scoring Wheel is only compatible with the Cricut Maker? It is because this Cricut Machine includes an Adaptive Tool System, which allows the user to adjust the Scoring Wheel pressure to make stronger folds, or so that this accessory can rotate, improving the efficiency of the machine and the user experience. If you use the Scoring Wheel, you will obtain smooth, deep, and sharp folds.

How do they work with different materials?

As we said before, these accessories are used to make folds and designs in the material that the user needs, but now we need to know how they work in specific materials and choose which one performs better. Don’t worry because we’ll use the Scoring Stylus, the Scoring Wheel 01 and 02 for all these tests:

Colored Construction Paper

We chose this type of paper because it is one of the main ones for all crafts, and it is one of the thinnest. After testing, we can say that there is not much difference between these accessories. However, the Scoring Wheel had a slight disadvantage in making intricate figures due to overlapping lines.

Cardstock Paper

This paper is a bit thinner than the previous one, but the Scoring Stylus continues to lead the tests by making intricate shapes and folds. Don’t worry, because the real difference between these accessories will be much better appreciated in tests with much thicker and more robust materials.

Metallic Poster

Now we can find many impressive results in these tests. The differences between the Stylus and Wheel 01 are minimal (only the overlapping lines), but with Wheel 02, the lines look much smoother and do not overlap. This experiment’s interesting result is when the fold is used because all the Metallic posters cracked, but the only one that kept its perfect shape was the fold made with 02, and it is beautiful.


Craft Board

Like the Metallic Poste, the Scoring Wheel 02 is perfect for make folds and making intricate figures. On the other hand, the 01 begins to shine its advantage over the Stylus when making figures in materials a little thicker, but it still overlaps some lines. If we could choose, we use the fold of 02, the Stylus to make intricate figures, and the 01 to make any figure with smooth lines.

Corrugated Paper

For these tests, we do not use figures. We are only dedicated to evaluating the folds and the quality results. As we expected, the quality of the fold made with the Stylus does not meet expectations, while the creases made with the Scoring Wheel 01/02 were excellent. They don’t crack much when folded, and the fold mark looks uniform.

Craft Foam

We save the most challenging material from processing for last. We were very impressed with the results because the Craft Foam is challenging to cut cleanly, but the Scoring Wheel did it correctly. Also, the Scoring Stylus was very surprised with the results because the fold is acceptable but is a bit soft

Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel?

This decision could confuse many people, but we think the answer is “It depends” on the budget you have, the type of material you will work with, the type of project, and which of these accessories you have right now.

The Scoring Stylus is the most affordable accessory, it allows you to create several unique designs, and anyone could buy one of these. However, the Scoring Wheel is a more expensive accessory than the Stylus. Still, you can get several tips if you buy it as a combo, you can work with any material, and the works’ termination will be excellent.

Which one do we prefer to use? We will always recommend using the Scoring Wheel not only because of the quality of its results but because of all the material that it supports, excellent performance in any project, and the care it takes with all the materials it processes. However, we recommend the Scoring Stylus for intricate shapes, as the Scoring Wheel struggled with some overlapping lines.

But be careful, remember that the Scoring Wheel is only compatible with the Cricut Maker, so make sure you have this machine before purchasing this accessory.

Pros and Cons?

First, we explained these accessories’ operations, saw their differences, and did many experiments to have our results and see for ourselves. Indeed, we come across several pros and cons along the way:

  • The Scoring Wheel can handle any project, with any material and any need that the user has to make crafts. However, this accessory’s most notable disadvantage is that we do not recommend creating intricate figures because the lines will overlap. It will not be as exact as with the Stylus.
  • The Scoring Stylus is perfect for any job, it’s cheap, and anyone can get it for a great price. On the other hand, this accessory is limited to working with light, thin materials that do not need a lot of pressure to be marked.
  • If you want to use the Scoring Wheel, you must purchase the Cricut Maker, since it can only be used by this machine. However, the Scoring Stylus can be used on any Cricut Machine.

Have you already used the Scoring Wheel or the Stylus? Tell us what you think

Everything you have just read is based on our experience, using the accessories, analyzing the results, comparing them, and making an objective judgment about which one we recommend using. However, we also care a lot about our readers’ opinion, knowing what you think, your experience, what you recommend, and why.

Haven’t used a Cricut machine or accessory? Please don’t wait any longer to use them, stop worrying about folds, improve the figures’ aesthetics, and be more efficient when making crafts.

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