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Cricut Mats Difference Guide

Suppose you’re feeling powerless with all of the variations between Cricut Mats Differences, what materials you must use with each of them. And the way to scrub and take care of them, you’re within the right place. I felt thus confused once I 1st got my Cricut.

The purpose of this text is to assist you in avoiding equivalent doubts I had concerning the Cricut Mats Differences and supply you with the proper data concerning them. If you scan this text, you’ll be much knowledge and PRO!

Before we tend to go far, let’s learn what a Cricut mat is and its square measure out there. Right now, there square measure four differing kinds of mats, lightweight Grip (blue), customary Grip (green), robust Grip (purple), and cloth (pink).

Depending on the materials that you square measure operating with, you’ll like a unique mat.

If you don’t use the right Mat for your project, you risk running your materials, and then have a tricky time removing them from the Mat.

Everything you would like to understand concerning Cricut Mats

Well, the solution to it is affirmative; you’ll perpetually have to be compelled to use a mat each for a single project. This is often due to every material you chop must be stabilized on a surface; otherwise, it might shift, which is a disaster direction.

Cricut Mat Anatomy

Before I got a Cricut, I was thus perpetually interested in why you required different mats. The way challenging it’s to urge a project out of the surface.

I seriously couldn’t comprehend it. If you feel like I did and haven’t any plan, a mat feels well; this is often a cool issue for you to understand.

Cricut Mats Differences square measure sticky, and also, the level of viciousness dictate however secure the Grip is. The stronger the Grip, the heavier the Fabric (like cardboard or thick card stock) you’ll cut, and the lighter the Grip, the thin or lightweight materials (like regular paper and vinyl) you’ll miss.

This helpful result will bend it to urge outcomes that square measure onerous to get rid of otherwise.

Protective cowl – a replacement Cricut mat can perpetually have a transparent cover that protects the surface of the Mat. I add this as a part of the Mat (you don’t use this save any of the projects) as a result of if you toss it, then your Mat is exposed to dirt and alternative components.

Outer Mat-This part of the Mat doesn’t have any grip (or stickiness). You’ll additionally notice the name of the Mat you’re operating with and the measurements each in cm and inches.

I like that Cricut considers these two measurements; I’m genuinely from the Republic of Colombia and use the system of weights and measures. (But I’m obtaining accustomed inches now)

Inner Mat-The inner a {part of} the Mat is that the sticky part, and it’s wherever you lay your comes before you chop them.

1x1in squares split the Mat’s inner part; this is often quite handy as a result of once you square measure attending to cut one thing, you’ll visually recognize wherever your material is found in the slightest degree times.

What square measures between the Cricut Mats Differences?

Depending on the materials you would like to figure with, you’ll desire a unique variety of Mat. It would be best if you hit the books, or a minimum of have an inspiration of that Mat you must use as a result of Cricut style area won’t specify you which ones mat you would like to use for various varieties of materials (It can tell you what blade to use though).

It’s perpetually a decent plan to possess all of them obtainable; thus, you’ll cut something that your heart desires!

Ready to learn the Differences!

Light Grip – Blue Mat

This Mat was designed for chopping lightweight materials.

If you place a thin material on a more substantial grip mat, it’ll be just about not possible for you to get rid of that material from the Mat.

The most common materials you’ll cut with the LightGrip Mat are:

  • Normal paper
  • Thin cardstock
  • Construction paper
  • Regular vinyl

StandardGrip – Starter Mat

The StandardGrip Mat is the common and cheap one, and it’s designed to figure with medium-weight materials.

It usually comes with acquiring any Cricut Machine (Make sure to look at the merchandise description, though), and it’s inexperienced.

For now, this the Mat I have used up to now. I feel it’s as a result of I’m focusing a lot on paper and vinyl. Once I master these materials, I arrange for the mistreatment of thicker materials.

The most common materials you’ll cut with the StandardGrip or inexperienced Mat are Cardstock

  • HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)
  • Permanent or removable vinyl

StrongGrip – Purple Mat

This Mat was designed to carry significant materials in situ.

Sometimes, once you square measure employing a significant material like balsa basswood, the grip strength isn’t enough. In those cases, use painters tape to secure the Fabric to the Mat.

The most common materials you’ll cut with the StrongGrip Mat are:

  • Thick and glitter cardstock
  • Balsa and basswood
  • Chipboard
  • Posterboard
  • Leather

FabricGrip – Pink Mat

The Pink Mat the latest Mat and it came out with the discharge of the Cricut Maker.

The FabricGrip Mat is specifically designed for chopping cloth. Warranted with any of the Cricut explore Family machines or only on its own with the Rotary blade and the Cricut Maker.

Although I own this Mat, I haven’t been able to check it. However, whereas I used to be researching to place this post, I learned that this is often the Mat that needs the utmost care and gets dirty the easier!

The most common materials you’ll cut with the robust Grip Mat are:

  • Bonded cloth (Explore family machine)
  • Any variety of cloth with the rotary blade and Cricut Maker

What square measure the best comes for various Cricut Mats Differences sizes?

All of the Cricut mats are available in 2 different sizes, twelve x twelve and twelve x twenty-four inches.

I have the twelve x twelve inches mats because I’m making at once work dead during this size.

Suppose you’re getting to cut an equivalent style multiple times or build one thing that’s larger than twelve x twelve inches. In that case, you must contact the twelve x twenty-four inches mat size.

Let’s say you bought the Cricut maker due to wood and cloth square measure your jam. With the twelve x twenty-four inches mats, you’ll cut larger sizes of wood to embellish your home. An equivalent applies to Fabric; you may cut massive items of cloth and later sew a cushion cowl.

You imagine that the limit!

Where am I able to get Cricut Mats?

I am pretty positive that each craft store has them obtainable. However, I perpetually get this merchandise on-line. Thus, I will compare the costs.

Plus, I’m quite busy attending to the shop isn’t a choice on behalf of me.

When I 1st got my Cricut, I bought this put on Amazon because it had all four mats.

It’s perpetually a decent plan to ascertain out the Official Cricut web site. They need everything and generally outstanding deals.

How to take care of and clean my Cricut mat?

Taking excellent care of your Mat is incredibly necessary to confirm that your cuts square measure perpetually nice and swish. By showing your mats some other love, you’ll extender their life and economize within the long haul.

Here square measure a number of the most effective ways in which you’ll accomplish that:

  • Cover it when each use
  • Don’t ever throw away your protective covering. If you do, you’ll expose your Mat to a lot of dirt and trash, and this may end in creating your Mat less sticky over time.
  • Every time you’ve finished the cutting and removing method, cowl and place it away.
  • Use Cricut Mats with the proper materials.
  • Every Mat is meant to be used with totally different materials. If you mess this up, you’ll have a tricky time to get rid of them.
  • For instance, if you place lightweight materials on the purple Mat, you’ll have a tricky time attempting to urge out that material. It may add additional wear and tear to your Mat.

The same applies to the approach to take away things from the Mat. Watch out and check out to get rid of components with care and twiddling my thumbs. My Mat concluded up with a scratch the primary time I attempted to get rid of one thing from it.

Clean your mats often:

With time your Mat can lose its Grip; generally, their square measure settled materials thereon, and naturally, it’s simply time for you to exchange it.

Before you get another replacement mat, attempt to clean it; here square measure three alternative ways you’ll clean them.

  1. Use the Scraper: when every use, use the hand tool to get rid of paper items.
  2. Lint Roller: use a lint roller to urge tiny bits of materials left on the Mat. This tip works nicely once you have to be compelled to take away Fabric!
  3. Non-alcohol baby wipes: For merely a fast clean, you’ll perpetually use some baby wipes; this works sort of charm if your Mat has simply a bit dirty.
  4. More sterile water: For deep cleanup, you’ll perpetually use a flannel with cleaner water. Make sure you employ lukewarm or cold water due to predicament that will spoil your Mat’s Grip.

My favorite is to absorb a flannel in cleaner water then place it on high of the Mat for several minutes to quite let the dirt soften. Then, scrub gently, let air dry and canopy. Easy peasy.

If your cleanup involves water and your Mat is wet, make sure to let the mat air dry. I do know you’re attending to be tempted to use it. The condition can’t solely ruin your materials; however, additionally, injury your machine.

Fabric Mat:

The Pink Mat is incredibly peculiar, and it needs a unique variety of care than the opposite mats!

Here square measure many of the most effective practices for cleanup and caring for the Cricut cloth Mat.

  • Please don’t use the Scraper: Don’t use the hand tool. This Mat’s adhesive is merely right to carry materials, and it’s relatively light. Thus, the hand tool can peel off the Grip.
  • Use the lint roller to obviate a number of the material left on your Mat.
  • Use transfer tape
  • Don’t use soap or water on this specific Mat.
  • When manipulating your Mat to put materials thereon, make sure to stay your fingers off the Grip.
  • Cover it when every use.

Should I exploit Adhesive Spray if my Mat is losing its stickiness?

Resticking your Mat could be an apply advocate for it by several bloggers and forums out there. I’ve ne’er tried it, and honestly, I don’t assume I ever can.

I have not spoken language that they’re wrong. And that I am pretty positive that it’s worked o.k. for a few of them.

I perceive you will wish to avoid wasting cash; however, by spraying adhesive on your Cricut mats, you’re not restoring them to their original condition. You will be adding additional viciousness. However, it’s not the one that was designed for every Mat and material.


You can genuinely get lucky and build it work (There square measure many flourishing tutorials out there); you’ll ruin your Mat altogether. Otherwise, you will destroy your materials.

Try it at your own risk, and when you’ve had your machine for an entire year as a result of this may void your machine’s assurance.

I know Cricut mats may be quite valuable over time. However, by covering them when you’re finished the cutting method, laundry them once in an exceedingly whereas taking excellent care overall, you’ll extend their lives.

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